Returning For Repair

Register your product. 
Please register your Artificial Pre-lit Tree prior to filing a warranty claim. Product registration is available online here. If you have already done this, please proceed.

Check the length of your warranty.
The length of your warranty is located on your retail carton as well as on the insert inside your carton.

What your warranty entitles you to.
Your warranty entitles you to two (2) options:
1. You may send your tree or individual section(s) prepaid to our Customer Service Center as listed in the Contact Us page, Attention: Customer Service. Return shipment is free of charge. Allow four (4) to six (6) weeks for processing. Note: We do not send new trees or sections prior to receiving a returned tree or section(s).
2. If all or part of the tree fails to light after troubleshooting, then replacement light strands for the unlit rows will be sent to you along with installation instructions. Replacement light strands will be sent within four (4) to six (6) weeks of your request.

Contacting the Customer Support Center to process your claim.
Check here for the Customer Support Center contact information

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